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How Technology Shaped Education in the Post-pandemic World

To say that the COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed the way we live is an understatement. Parents and children alike have their share of woes as we began threading early last year these unprecedented times. In the education sector, the spread of the virus caused worldwide hasty mandatory shutdowns of educational institutions. To keep education going,

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How Education Beyond College Is Affected by COVID-19

At this point, everyone knows and understands how education took a very huge hit from the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools were among the first public establishments to close their doors. Many schools were able to transition to online learning seamlessly. On the other hand, many schools in low-income communities had a harder time adjusting. Because of

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How is Videoconferencing Changing the World?

The pandemic has cost countless lives across the world and has brought whole countries into a grinding halt. Nearly a year after it first appeared, people all over the globe have come to grips with the new realities imposed by the virus. However, it’s not all bad news during these uncertain times. People are putting

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4 Technology Solutions That Can Improve Learning in Institutions

The education sector has seen dramatic changes in the last few years. Students can receive educational content in the comfort of their homes, thanks to new teaching solutions. Below are emerging education technology trends that are enhancing the learning process. 1. Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence will likely dominate the headlines of education publications in the

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Can You Fulfill Your Dream of Studying Abroad?

It’s amazing what technology can do to make our lives a lot easier and more convenient. With today’s innovations, we can easily reach out to friends living in another state or country and apply to jobs and start working remotely. We get to buy the things we need online, even if it meant purchasing from

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Frist Time Drivers: What Cars Will Suit Them?

A new driver and a new car? It seems like a match that is not exactly made in road driving heaven. Or so it seems. This pair can work, but it needs to be perfectly matched. And that will only happen if the car is specifically meant for new drivers. Yes, there are cars that

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A Look at Singapore’s Educational System and Why it Works Very Well

Ever since Singapore gained independence from the British over half a century ago, it has slowly risen to the top of the list of the best educational systems in the world. It has consistently performed well alongside countries like Finland, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea. In 2015, it was recognised by the Organization for

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Young at Heart: Decoding the Three Types of Play Your Child Engages In

Play is often a misunderstood concept among parents. It may seem like all fun to you, but it’s actually a learning experience for kids. Whether it’s just lying in the sandpit flailing their arms and legs or picking flowers and leaves to put in their cooking set, your child learns so many important skills. It

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Early Childhood Center

Types of Interest Areas in Early Childhood Centers

The environment is the primary determinant of the experience you will have when you go somewhere. Just like adults, the environment you choose for your child’s upbringing also affects the person they will grow to become. The preschool you decide for your child should have an environment that complements the optimal one you labor to

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