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Entrepreneurial Mindset: Why You Should Start Your Own Company

Being an entrepreneur seems to be a terrifying and high-risk journey for some people, while for others, this unexpected journey appears to be the perfect path that their lives should take. Individuals who hate their jobs might find that entering the unknown territory of entrepreneurship is their only choice for changing their circumstances and achieving

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Addressing Body Shaming in the Workplace: Breaking the Stigma

Each person is unique in their own way. This is especially true for our biology, which also has a major influence on our physical appearance. Many individuals will have their lifestyle, eating habits, and nutritional needs since we are all different. That said, each person will vary in physical appearance. Most would say that physical

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How a Learning Environment Must Be Aligned with Corporate Strategy

Learning is a lifelong endeavor. It does not stop when a person leaves university and enters the workforce. There is so much value in continuous learning, especially for those who want career advancement. The Importance of Learning In an increasingly globalized and ever-changing world, employees have to remain competitive. They have to regularly improve and

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Pandemic Business Life Hacks: Setting Up a Small Business

The trick to getting over the pandemic slump is to get up and get working. Whether it’s working on a small business or working on your self-development, you must focus your energy on something worthwhile. Though we know that the world is going through a global health crisis, this can still be a good time

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Going Virtual: How to Operate a Ghost Restaurant

A ghost restaurant is a concept in which a restaurant only accepts orders for delivery. You won’t find any physical restaurant where you can dine in or order food to go. The restaurant accepts orders online and hires a third-party service to deliver the food to the customers. Although brick-and-mortar restaurants are still popular, ghost

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High-Paying Blue Collar Jobs You Should Try

Are you wondering about what career you can pursue? It’s understandable if you cannot decide that easily. There are so many options that are available that it is not easy to pick which career path to pursue. Will you go for one that requires years of study in college? That’s okay if you want to

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The Silent Majority: What to Do When Your Students Don’t Want to Talk

Every teacher knows well that a ‘quiet’ class — and it isn’t the good kind of quiet, certainly is not the better alternative for a noisy one. After getting passionate about explaining one of Shakespeare’s sonnets, you ask the students what they think about it. Behold, you’re met with either blank stares or shy heads

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Why Most People Undervalue Themselves

If you have ever contemplated asking your boss for a raise but backed out because you told yourself you will be denied, you’re not alone. A lot of people feel like they deserve more, but then they convince themselves they’re already getting enough. It’s a fine line between the two and most times, it’s one’s

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